The Virtual Manager is the online membership for music artists who want to start, build or grow a successful, sustainable music career!

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By AR Artist Management

Now is the most exciting and empowering time to be a music artist (Covid not withstanding!)

You’re able to create, release and market the music you want to make, without compromise.

You can connect and communicate directly with your fans anywhere in the world, at any time.


This gives you more autonomy over your career than ever before - allowing you to find success on your own terms. Hurray!

However, this also brings with it more for you to do and learn.

Right now you're probably doing everything by yourself and worry constantly that you’re focusing on the wrong things. It can feel stressful, overwhelming and, at times, isolating. 

You need guidance and support. So, you start thinking that if only you had a manager or a booking agent, a record label or a publishing deal, everything would be easier. 

Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. That's because...

The Music Industry Doesn’t Sign Just Music

They look for great music, plus ‘proof’ that there’s a wider audience for that music, eager buyers and gig goers, potential of future success on a considerable scale…

In today's music industry, it’s your job as a music artist to create this.

In short, you need to build your career as far as you can yourself before the wider industry will invest in you. But you can only do that by focusing on the right things, in the right order.

The Virtual Manager is designed to help you do exactly that.

So, whether your goals include getting a manager and signing to a record label, or building a successful, sustainable career as an independent music artist, we’ll show you how.

Introducing The Virtual Manager membership

The Virtual Manager is an online membership for independent music artists (whether aspiring, emerging or established), run by an experienced Artist Manager.

It is proudly the first and only service of its kind and the ideal support for any artists who don’t currently have their own Artist Manager.

It’s packed with the in-depth training, tools, guidance and support every independent music artist needs to build a successful, sustainable career.

Alongside 100’s of other likeminded music artists from across the UK and beyond!

The Virtual Manager will help you to:

Reach more of the right people with your music and build an engaged fanbase (even if you're starting from scratch)

Learn how to market & promote your music effectively, putting you on the path to making a full-time living from your music

Benefit from Artist Management guidance whenever you need it, and stay up to date on all key music industry news & developments

Eliminate the guesswork and start taking a strategic approach by giving you step by step roadmaps to follow

Reduce the overwhelm, confusion and isolation that too often accompany the independent music artist's journey by managing your time, tasks and music career more effectively

Connect and collaborate with likeminded music artists, providing you with a supportive ‘network’ of peers, regardless of where you’re based

It facilitates the consistent, focused development of your music career...

Just as an Artist Manager would

Enter your text here...

What's Inside

The Virtual Manager truly is a one-stop shop for independent music artists, with everything you need all in one place. It’s packed with in-depth, practical training and resources on all aspects of building, managing and growing a successful, sustainable music career.

It has 6 distinct learning areas - let us tell you about each:

  • training
  • toolkit
  • live Q&A
  • AVAILABLE 24/7


Here you’ll find literally everything a music artist needs in their toolkit, from workshops by music industry experts to interviews with established artists, our Festival Directory, step-by-step guides, checklists, online challenges, a packed library of information, plus exclusive discounts on essential services such as mixing & distribution!

New resources added every week!


The most transformative aspect of The Virtual Manager is undoubtedly the Community. 

Pursuing a music career is tough when you’re doing it on your own.

But as a member you get 24/7 access to Anna, and the whole global TVM Community - filled with likeminded, independent artists.

Here you can:

  • Meet music artists who understand you and face the same challenges
  • Stay on track, with our weekly action steps & accountability check-ins
  • Find out how others in your shoes have done it before you
  • Share your wins (big and small) and celebrate with everyone
  • Get peer support for your music releases and gigs
  • Stay up to date with daily music industry news bulletins
  • Overcome any creative, technical, or financial blocks you’re facing
  • Get instant feedback on your music, artwork, branding or anything else…
  • Find music artists to collaborate with - whether writing partners, producers &  band members

The Community is filled with proactive independent music artists from around the world, across a variety of musical genres. 

Every quarter we host a live mastermind where every member gets a go in the hot seat to get their biggest questions answered and your biggest headaches solved.

We also often regularly hold challenges to help you grow as an artist, virtual festivals, and have even formed a ‘Playlist Push’ community drive to improve every members’ Spotify playlist prospects!


Here’s what you can expect to gain by being a member

  • Strong foundations to build your music career on
  • A focussed path towards growing your music career
  • A keen understanding of the music industry & how it works
  • Identifying and rectifying what's holding you back
  • How to double down on things that actually get you results
  • How to define your distinctive selling points
  • Increased self-belief in your music and confidence in promoting it
  • A fanbase-building plan which targets your ideal fans
  • Knowing how to turn listeners followers into loyal (paying) fans
  • Increased discovery of your music and a raised profile
  • Comprehensive marketing plans & music release strategies
  • How to find the right people to work with and build your team
  • How to be more effective with the time you have to invest
  • At the end of the day... less overwhelm and more fans, time & money!


The Virtual Manager is proudly the first and only service of its kind for independent music artists. That's because it's run by an experienced, practising Artist Manager.

Whilst it's not intended to be a substitute to having an Artist Manager (we don't believe there is any substitute for having an Artist Manager - the most valuable member of your team!) it provides the guidance and support that unmanaged or independent artists need, from the one role in the industry perfectly equipped to do so.

Here’s why:


Up to date, relevant training

Being a practising Artist Manager currently working in the industry, means all training & information within The Virtual Manager is aligned with how the music industry works today in 2021. It's also regularly updated to reflect the fast-paced nature at which things change, meaning you always stay up to date.



Learn from watching my actions

Members tell me they learn from watching my work as an Artist Manager - providing a living case study. I'm as transparent as I can be about my process, and often show you behind the scenes of me and my artists' journeys. My only agenda is to help you, so you can also expect honest, impartial reviews and takes on the music industry & a wide variety of artist services.


No 'one size fits all'

We know that there's no 'one size fits all' when it comes to music industry advice. Therefore The Virtual Manager doesn't just give you generic "best practices", it helps you figure out what's going to work for your specific artist project and how best to develop that to help you achieve your individual music career goals. I also get to know members AND their music, plus their career goals, so I can best advise you.



Gives you more time

We’re not going to lie - being an independent artist means wearing lots of different hats.

That's why there’s a large focus on time management in The Virtual Manager.

We’ll show you how to prioritise and focus on the right activities and stop spending time on the wrong ones. Essentially, the less time you think you have for this, the more you probably need it! 

With that said, life as a music artist can get busy. We understand that better than anyone, so we've designed TVM to be used as little or as often as you need it - meaning some months you might be in there daily, others you may not need it so much. 

The beauty is that it’s always on hand when you do, giving you peace of mind throughout your artist journey.


saves you money

As a self-funded, independent artist we know you don’t want to incur any unnecessary costs.

So, we’ve made The Virtual Manager as accessible as possible to all artists, regardless of budget. 

Not only are we confident in the incredible value of the resources & expertise inside the membership, we also know that it saves our members a lot of money by ensuring they don’t spend money on ineffective marketing tactics or unnecessary costs (we also have a number of trainings on making and managing money).

The Virtual Manager works just like a gym membership. You pay on joining, and then a monthly payment is taken automatically every 30 days. But, unlike a gym membership, you’re not tied in.

In fact, you can cancel your subscription at anytime in just the click of a button - no notice required. Subscription to The Virtual Manager is also tax deductible for most music artists as a business expense. Win, win.

Every music artist is unique, with their own unique goals

That's why we give you the guidance and tools to help you make the right decisions for you, enabling you to confidently self-manage your music career.

Our Members Achieve Their Music Career Goals


“When I joined TVM I had zero prior music industry experience. Anna provided a roadmap for my music career, which equipped me with the knowledge and confidence to plan the release of my debut EP. As a result I've seen amazing growth across all my social media and streaming platforms, and my first ever single has been featured on dozens of music blogs and radio stations so far, as well as editorial Spotify playlists.”

Rachel Jack - Member


“The value I got from Anna's free content was immense, so when she introduced The Virtual Manager is was a no-brainer. I joined, and it's the best thing I've ever done for my music career. My confidence and knowledge has grown hugely, and I can't thank TVM enough.”

Leah O


“Joining TVM has really helped our band. Anna has given us structure and helped find the right strategy for the release of our singles (with some therapeutic words that make us feel better when we feel lost). For anyone thinking about joining TVM, you're making the right choice! Stick with it and do the work - you'll learn so much.”

Indigo Face


“I'm super happy to say that thanks to Anna and the TVM community, I quit my job and have three paid DJ sets a week for the summer. I get to DJ and watch the surf roll in, AND play my own music!”

Nell Sanders (Skyd3ncer)


“Six months ago I had no focus, no discipline and frankly no idea about the realities of the music industry. Having joined TVM I have been working with discipline towards achievable goals. I'm using my time wisely and making consistent progress, instead of going round in circles doing the same old stuff that never got me anywhere fast. It's 100% down to following the training, advice & resources I get here.”

Noel Cowley


“What an experience to have been supported through a year of self-releasing music! Anna is amazingly knowledgable in the music industry - she definitely has the expertise and experience, plus a good balance of personality & professionalism. She makes you feel heard, welcome and wants you to do well, all with a mindful approach.

Benny Bizzie


I'm Anna Russell, an Artist Manager with over 15 years experience in the music industry.

My professional career started when I joined Groove Armada’s management team – fresh from completing my (1st class) BA Hons in Popular Music. 

My work with the globally successful dance act included work on their annual festival Lovebox, a groundbreaking brand partnership with Bacardi, headlining both The Other stage and John Peel tent at Glastonbury, and their sixth studio album Black Light (Grammy nominated for Best Dance/Electronic Album in 2011).

Not to mention various UK & international tours, countless festival appearances, and never-ending Ibiza seasons! 

Taking this experience, I set up my own management company, AR Artist Management, which offers a number of artist services... all with a progressive approach. 

I'm particularly passionate about helping new and independent artists move their music careers forward, and over the years I've consulted for hundreds of artists. This gives me a unique understanding of the needs and challenges of independent artists.

Wanting to ensure that artists like you have access to the guidance they so badly need, I founded The Virtual Manager iand love spending my days researching industry topics in-depth, creating content, and supporting our members.

Other career highlights include:

  • Creator of The Virtual Manager Podcast
  • Have delivered masterclasses & guest talks at ACM, SAE, SMB, BIMM (London), Point Blank, The Institute, Edinburgh Napier University, Electronic Sound Summit, Off The Record & more
  • Specialism in partnering artist/producers with the right vocalists/topline writers
  • Have been an audition judge for X Factor, Britain's Got Talent & All Together Now (BBC1)
  • Currently managing singer/songwriter Sarah Goodson & drum and bass act Deadline

Questions & Answers

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  • Wednesday 6th January: Ask The Manager [Live Q&A]
  • Tuesday 12th January: Best Times To Release Music [Guide]
  • Thursday 14th January: Goal Setting & Strategy for 2021 [Live Masterclass]
  • Wednesday 20th January: Ask The Manager [Live Q&A]
  • Plus the usual monthly A&R feedback on your music, music industry tips & MUCH more!


Plus, you get access to all the existing TVM content!

  • Music Industry Trainings & Courses
  • Put Your Foundations In Place Roadmap
  • Step-By-Step Guides & Checklists
  • Festival Directory
  • Live Q&A's Each Fortnight
  • A&R Feedback On Your Music Anytime
  • Member Masterminds
  • Online Challenges
  • Exclusive Discounts on Artist Services
  • 24/7 Access To Global Community of Artists

Upon joining The Virtual Manager you get instant access to all this now, and for as long as you’re a member. 

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